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Get ready for indoor adventures with Soft Beast the awesome RC Car! It's different from regular RC cars because it has soft wheels that won't harm your home. The Soft Beast is super fun to drive – you can go left, right, forward, and backward with an easy joystick remote controller, perfect for beginners. It's tough and lightweight, so you can do cool tricks without breaking anything.
Race at high speeds and do flips and spins! Soft Beast is supplied with a rechargeable battery, so the fun never stops. It's the perfect indoor RC toy for kids!

SOFT Beast is a remote control car and is a great Gift for kids aged 4 and up.Β Β 

Box Contents : 1 x Stunt Car, Joystick Remote Controller, Rechargeable Battery, USB Charging Cable and a screwdriver

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Introducing the Soft Beast, the perfect indoor RC car for a secure and thrilling playtime experience! This lightweight toy car is designed to endure crashes and bumps, ensuring it keeps going even in the most challenging indoor environments.
Equipped with unique, soft foam wheels, it effortlessly maneuvers across various surfaces without leaving a scratch on walls, floors, or furniture.
Watch as kids have a blast mastering cool stunts, including flips and spins, guaranteeing endless fun and excitement. Enjoy high-speed racing indoors without worrying about causing any damage to your surroundings.
Here are the key features:

  • Durable construction for resilience against crashes and bumps
  • Safe and enjoyable indoor RC car experience with unique, soft foam wheels
  • Stunt master capabilities for performing flips, spins, and fast racing
  • Damage-free playing with the ability to race at high speeds indoors
Soft Beast RC Car



This innovative remote control car is equipped with ultra-soft foam wheels, ensuring it glides effortlessly over any surface without leaving a mark. With Soft Beast, experience fearless flips, bounces, and 360-degree spins without leaving a scratch. Perfect for indoor play, this durable yet lightweight RC car promises endless fun without any worries about property damage. Experience the thrill of high-speed racing and master incredible stunts like flips, spins, and wheelies, transforming your indoor space into an exciting playground.


Soft Beast boasts an ultra-lightweight design, with its revolutionary soft foam wheels allowing it to effortlessly glide across any surface, leaving no trace behind. Revel in the exhilaration of fearless flips, bounces, and wall rebounds, all without a scratch, while indulging in a worry-free, lightweight RC experience tailored for indoor play.

2.4 GHz Joystick Remote Controller

The cutting-edge 2.4 GHz Remote Controller is a seamless fusion of precision and excitement. With its intuitive layout, the left joystick smoothly propels the car forward and backward, while the right joystick effortlessly steers it left and right. Hold down the right joystick in any direction to perform breathtaking 360-degree spins, adding an extra dimension of thrill to your RC experience. Moreover, it features two demonstration keys for showcasing cool tricks. You can use them right away to impress everyone watching your Soft Beast!

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