PLANETTUNES India's First Space-themed Musical Playmat for Kids 3 Years+ | Multicolour, Keyboard & Drum Modes | Boost Musical Knowledge!

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Introducing India's First Space-themed Musical Playmat for Kids! Ignite your child's imagination with the following key highlights:

  • Space-Themed Adventure: Inspired by the success of the Indian Chandrayaan 3 mission, our playmat offers children a thrilling space-themed adventure, sparking curiosity and igniting their imagination.
  • Melodious Music: Immerse your child in a world of melodious tunes and sounds. Not only does the playmat entertain, but it also stimulates cognitive development and creativity, providing a harmonious blend of fun and learning.
  • Interactive Learning: Make learning an exciting journey! Engage in activities that teach children about space exploration, astronauts, and the wonders of our universe, all while having a blast.
  • Feature-Packed:ย 4 drums, 2 drum sticks, 1 Cymbal, Playback, Record, 8 instrument Melodies, Pre-loaded Demos, 24 Piano Keys, and an Aux Cable to connect with an external speaker.
  • Easy to Carry and Foldable Design: Convenience is key! The playmat is designed for portability, making it easy for your child to carry and enjoy their space adventure anywhere.

Elevate playtime to an educational and musical experience with our Space-themed Musical Playmat โ€“ where exploration meets entertainment! ๐Ÿš€๐ŸŽถ

Great as a Birthday or Festival GIFT. Keep your children away from computers, mobile phones, and TV to enhance their coordination and thinking skills.ย The convenient design of the product makes it look very realistic. The compact size makes it easier to carry and keep your little one busy for hours on end.

Shop now and unlock the magic of music with Space-themed Musical Playmat!


Helps In Boosting The Child'S Knowledge Pertaining To Musical Instruments And Their Sounds In A Fun Manner. Keeps The Child Occupied For Long Hours Of Learning And Joy. Premium Quality Material Used Ensures That The Playmat Can Sustain Hard Hits From The Child Too.

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