NABHYAN PRO Drone 1080 WHITE | BRUSHLESS Motor | WiFi HD 1080P + 720 P FPV Dual Camera Drone

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Experience unparalleled flight stability and power with the inclusion of brushless motors, ensuring smoother, quieter, and more efficient flying. Capture every breathtaking moment with the advanced dual camera system, featuring a primary 1080p HD camera and a secondary 720p FPV camera, perfect for live streaming your flights.


Here's a glimpse of what the NABHYAN Drone offers:

📷 : Dual Camera System: 1080p HD + 720p FPV

🚁 : Brushless Motors: Smooth, quiet, and powerful performance

🛩️ : Position Locking Technology: Stable flight even in wind

🎥 : Adjustable Camera: Find the perfect angle for every shot

⏲️ : Long Flight Time: Extended flights with a 1200mAh rechargeable battery

🏞️ : Lightweight and Portable: Easy to take on adventures

🛡️ : Durable and Crash-resistant: Built to withstand minor bumps


The NABHYAN Pro Drone is more than just a gadget – it's a gateway to endless possibilities. Capture breathtaking landscapes, document special events, or let your creativity soar high.


Available in sleek black and white color, the NABHYAN Pro is the perfect gift for tech enthusiasts, photographers, and anyone dreaming of flight. Order your NABHYAN Pro Drone today and experience the thrill of flight like never before!


Note: These drones are not intended for professional or commercial use. They are designed for recreational and entertainment purposes.

What People Are Saying

Best Drone Ever!

Absolutely thrilled with the NABHYAN Pro Drone! The brushless motors make for incredibly smooth and quiet flights, allowing me to capture stunning aerial footage with ease. It's truly a game-changer for both hobbyists and professionals alike.

Dhairya Joshi

Awesome Drone

Very impressed with the NABHYAN Pro Drone! The dual camera system and its affordable price point make it a fantastic choice. The brushless motors deliver smooth, quiet flights, allowing me to capture stunning aerial shots without breaking the bank. Highly recommended for anyone looking to explore aerial photography without compromising on quality.

Pratham Patel

My First Drone is Epic

Dude, just got my hands on the NABHYAN Pro Drone and I'm blown away! It's my first drone and it's so epic. The dual cameras are awesome, I can see everything from way up there. And those motors? Super smooth and quiet. This drone is like my new favorite thing ever!

Zohan Pathan



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