GARUDA 1080 BLACK| WiFi HD 1080P + 720 P FPV Dual Camera | PREMIUM BAG VERSION | Position Locking Drone

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The dual camera Drone Garuda 1080 stability-centric design makes it perfect for flying indoors and outdoor for an exceptional flying experience.

Note: These drones are not intended for professional or commercial use. They are designed for recreational and entertainment purposes.


The dual-camera Drone Garuda 1080 stability-centric design makes it perfect for flying indoors and outdoors for an exceptional flying experience.

  • 1080p+720p Dual Camera
  • Optical Flow
  • 1800 MHA Battery
  • Smart Phone App Control
  • 6-Axis Gyro
  • 120 wide Angle Camera
  • 1 Key Takeoff/Landing
  • Position Holding
  • Gesture Selfie Mode
  • Foldable Design


Dual Camera drone

Primary camera for wifi real-time photo video transmission with primary 1080p and secondary 720P 120 degrees HD lense. The manual adjustment mechanism gives you the flexibility to snap at the perfect angle.

The 720p secondary camera provides the extra pair of glasses to the drone to sense its surroundings to hold the position without GPS indoor/outdoor. Real-Time image processing technology allows drones to bear some factors like wind or turbulence caused by its own wings.

Forgot your remote, we have got your back.

Garuda 1080p + 720p had DUEL-CONTROLE mode. You can control the drone with 2.4 GHz frequency remote that came with the pack or connect with our smartphone APP. Scan the QR code given on the box to connect with the drone wifi and you are ready to fly.


Travel in style and protect your GARUDA with a beautiful folding design. After all, who wants to arrive at a destination with a shattered drone and tangled cables? Be a cool traveler!

Safety Information

Important Information:

  • Be aware of respective countries drone policy.
  • Before flying in India refer: or
  • Do not fly when the weather is not good, like too windy, raining etc.
  • Always fly in wide and open space.
  • Fly within visual line of sight.
  • Avoid flying over a group of people.
  • Read the instruction manual properly before you start flying.
  • Use propeller guards to ensure safe flying.
  • Do not touch the running propeller.
  • Do not use or leave the product near a heat source.
  • The drone is not made to lift any external payload.
  • Fully Charge the battery before you start using the Drone.
  • Never fly when the battery is low.
  • Do not expose the battery to water or allow it to get wet.
  • Do not open or modify the battery/charger.
  • Charge batteries under observation.
  • Only use the battery and charger that came with the pack.
  • Immediately disconnect the battery if smoke appears.
  • Turn off the drone and take out the battery after use.
  • Fully charge the battery and keep it disconnected from the drone, especially when not using it for a long time.

Legal Disclaimer:

  • The drone is not made to lift any external payload.
  • Due to its flying weight of 180 grams, it comes under the Nano category as per DGCA.
  • And nano drones are not required to get UIN no in order to fly, Except no Drone Zones.
  • The permissible flying height of the nano drones is 50ft.
  • Kindly refer to Indian drone policies before you start flying. or

What People Are Saying

Love it so much

"I tried a drone for the first time and I was really scared about crashing it. But with Garuda the position holding feature it comes really handy and now I find it a nice recreational activity from my busy schedule."

Vivek Pujari

Love it so much

"I just love this product. I already have drones but the stability and battery life of this at such a price point is amazing."

Vishal Singh

Love it so much

"Being a photographer I always wanted a test drone which can take crashes with minimum damage to try different perspective of a subject. I got the best!"

Sanu Kumar

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Prem Shankar
Worst Drone Company

They are such a fraud, they will take your money and they will not deliver your product and make you false promises. Hiren and Mayank the best GUJJU liars they have in their ecommerce team..

Satyam Swaroop
Never received my prepaid order

Cheaters ! Scammers ! Assholes

Works as it should. Delivery was done at Rocket speed!

Recently I bought the Garuda drone, the drone works as it should but the quality is not so great. It’s made of cheap plastic. But having said that, it flyes great, good at manuvering and easy to fly. Cons are battery drains quite fast 15 mins max, taking out battery and charging is quite a hassle. It would have been great if the charging point was outside, so battery can be charged easily.

Nice Product

Nice Product



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