🚂 BOOGYWOOGY BHARAT Express: Battery-Operated Train Set for Kids 3 Years+ with Magnetic Tracks - 77 Pieces

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🚂 BOOGYWOOGY - Unleash Creativity with DIY Indian City Train Set! 🌟

Exquisitely crafted, beautifully designed, and detailed - the Toy Trainset is a perfect gift for children aged 3 years and above. This battery-operated train set is for children to experience the joy of building their very own Indian City Train set. With a total of 77 pieces, the possibilities are endless, allowing your little Engineer to construct their first trainscape.

🌈 Key Features:

DIY Indian City: Immerse your child in the vibrant setting of a bustling city with our customizable train set. Build a vibrant landscape with iconic elements like a traffic cone, a diligent traffic police or train driver, a charming tunnel, and beautifully designed stickers that add character to the scene.

Festive Additions: Elevate the excitement with festive touches! The set includes 2 Christmas trees, adding a touch of holiday cheer to your child's imaginative play.

Safety Features: Teach valuable lessons about road safety with accessories like a stop sign, two give-way signs, a tunnel roadmark, a traffic signal, four cars, a bridge with pillars and a railway track light. Foster a sense of responsibility and awareness in a playful environment.

Versatile Track Design: The magnetic connectors make assembling the track a breeze. Included are 4 straight connectors, 14 curved connectors, and 3 track joint connectors, allowing for dynamic and flexible track layouts.

Detailed Train Compartments: Enhance the storytelling experience with intricately designed train compartments—an engine compartment and a passenger coach—sparking imaginative journeys through the Indian City landscape.

🌟 Educational and Fun: Beyond the joy of play, BOOGYWOOGY's Train Set encourages cognitive development, fine motor skills, and creative thinking. Watch as your child proudly builds and navigates their very own railway world.

🎁Perfect Gift for Little Engineers: Delight your young adventurer with the BOOGYWOOGY Train Set – an ideal gift for birthdays or any special occasion. Foster a love for trains, promote hands-on learning, and ignite the spark of creativity in your child's playtime.

🌈 Build, Play, Imagine - BOOGYWOOGY's DIY Indian City Train Set brings the magic of railways to life for your little one's boundless exploration! 🚄🎁

 **We are confident that you will be delighted with your purchase!**


🚂 Ignite Imagination with BOOGYWOOGY DIY Indian City Trainset! 🌟 Embark on a journey of creativity and fun with the BOOGYWOOGY DIY Indian City Trainset. Specially crafted for kids aged 3 and above, this 49-piece battery-operated marvel allows young engineers to construct their own vibrant Indian Cityscape. From magnetic tracks that effortlessly connect to festive additions like Christmas trees, traffic signals, and detailed train compartments, every piece is designed to inspire.

Create a bustling city with traffic cones, a diligent traffic police, tunnels, and beautifully designed stickers that add character to the landscape. Safety lessons come to life with road signs and lights, while versatile track connectors offer endless layout possibilities. The BOOGYWOOGY Trainset is not just a toy; it's an educational adventure, fostering cognitive development and fine motor skills.

Perfect for birthdays or special occasions, BOOGYWOOGY Express is the ultimate gift to spark creativity and imaginative play.
Let your child build, play, and explore the magic of railways in their very own Indian City. 🌈🎁



A Perfect Gift for boys and girls on Birthdays, Festivals, or any occasion. With festive details and versatile play, this battery-operated Train sparks joy and encourages imaginative exploration. Delight the little ones in your life with a gift that goes beyond ordinary playtime!🌟🎁


Seamless Connection Magic! Magnetically connect the engine to compartments. Watch as the pieces effortlessly joint together, sparking imaginative journeys through the vibrant cityscape. An enchanting play experience that adds an extra layer of excitement to your child's railway adventures! 🌟🧲

77-Piece DIY Indian City Trainset!

Inspire your child's imagination with this battery-operated train, featuring magnetic connectors and festive accessories. Build a bustling Indian Cityscape complete with traffic cones, a diligent traffic police, tunnels, and beautifully designed stickers. Perfect for ages 3 and above, it encourages cognitive development and fine motor skills. Gift your little one the joy of exploration with BOOGYWOOGY Trainset – where every piece sparks excitement and creativity! 🌈🎁

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Rakshit Lamani
Super Amazing Train set for my kids

I buy trainset from this company, and they send it fast. My kids very mcuh enjoyed assembling it themselves (DIY -trainset). This is Made India Trainset perfect for keeping engage kid in interactive learning activities. I Thank you the prompt delivery and the amazing customer service. The price is remarkably low compared to other marketplaces. I highly recommend ELECTROBOTIC for toys purchase.



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